Bane NOR

Based In

Digitization is a big part of the new Bane NOR vision. We built out a set of guidelines and a motion concept that could bind all design elements created by Uniform. The main concept could be visualized by speed lines, connecting the view of the passenger with the forward momentum the new brand encompassed. The forward movement into the future of better ideas and infrastructure in Norway's railway network.


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The Solution

Momentum is the power that drives us forward into the future. It is present when we meet and when we share and build on ideas, with clients and employees alike. To illustrate this we have gone with a recognizable signature motion element: Speed lines. The idea of speed lines is to show the information from the P.O.V of the passenger, moving along for the ride. Below we have outlined some of the motion rules to help guide content creators. All of these elements should abide by the overall design guidelines.


Client: Bane NOR

Design: Uniform

Lead Motion: Alistair Cheyne

Motion Design: Alistair Cheyne, Oivind Lunde, Jørgen Westerberg

Web Design: Oivind Lunde

Producer: Maria Lima‍