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Odontia have dental clinics based all around Norway. As a dental clinic they required a way to create campaigns and make announcements via their social media channels. The brand was refreshed by Blake with a variable approach using different color themes and layouts. We built upon the existing elements and created a motion profile that allowed for a variety of campaigns to be created in a manner of minutes.


Motion Profile | Guidelines | Web-Based Templates | Formats 4:5, 9:16 , 16:9

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The Solution

The movement includes concepts of safety, flow and positivity. The delivery involved templates in several styles in all social formats. We also included the ability to update, edit and send films using an online platform that hosts the templates. Meaning Odontia Stovner or Odontia Oslo S could create their own unique campaigns right from their own laptop or phone.


Client: Odontia

Design: Blake

Graphic Design: Jeanette Stavik Kjøsnes

Producer: Maria Lima

Template Design: Alistair Cheyne

Motion Design: Alistair Cheyne